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How Can I Improve in Lockdown? 7 Tips That You Can Start Today!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Are you currently not able to practice? Do you find that you are feeling frustrated because you want to find ways to improve even though you are not able to go to the studio as normal?

There are so many ways that you can keep improving and I will give you some suggestions below, so keep reading!

A strong mindset means focusing on what you can do instead of focusing on what you can’t- basically you need to focus on opportunities instead of obstacles. So what CAN you do right now to stay motivated and to keep improving? Below are a list of things you can be doing at this time


Imagery is about creating a mental blueprint of your ideal performance in your mind. The idea is that if you can imagine it and you do so consistently then you will be able to do it in real life. Imagery can also improve focus, confidence and help to remember choreography.

Learn the skill of imagery and use it to “practice in your mind” and to make sure that you are mentally ready to go on the floor as soon as you are able to. To find out more about imagery and how to use it see the full video here.

Or check out the imagery made especially for ballroom dancers here.


Right now there are so many online classes that you can take, so this is the perfect opportunity to learn something new, and maybe even take a class with one of your idols. Learning something new keeps us motivated and gives us new inspiration and it increases our confidence. On youtube there are also many videos of lectures with famous teachers that you can watch. Maybe choose one lecture per day and write notes on how you can apply it to your own dancing. Maybe even decide to watch it with your partner or other dancers and discuss how you found it and how you can apply this new knowledge.

Set Goals

Setting goals is very important to have a sense of still improving. So maybe make a specific goal setting plan for the time during lockdown as well as a general goal setting plan. Set a few specific goals each week that you want to focus on that supports your long term goals.

To see how to set goals check out my goal setting video here.

And download my free goal setting template here.

Get Fit

Focus on staying in shape and get stronger and more flexible. Always wanted to be able to do the split? Then now is the time to spend extra time on your stretching routine. Need stronger ankles or stamina? There are lots and lots of resources online that can be done at home with no equipment, so there are no excuses…Or maybe your goal is to eat more healthy to improve your energy for dancing? Then now is the perfect time to get into a healthy eating routine and to learn to cook healthy meals.

Krzysztof Grzelak & Natalia Krzystoszek

Practice Anywhere

You don’t need a proper studio to practice. If you want it you will find a way. Practice at home, in the garden, in the park. Find a space and do what you can. Some practice is better than none and there is always a way if you want to find it.

Pre-Performance Routine

One of the ways we can ensure we perform consistently is by having a pre-performance routine, which can be used in competitions and performances. It is a sequence of tasks that we do to prepare our body and mind to perform to the best of our ability. Already have one? Then now is the time to adjust it and make it perfect. No idea what it is? Then find out in my video here.

Weekly Planner

To get the most out of our time and practices it is so important to plan your practices and know exactly what you should be improving and working on in each practice session. Just because you are not in the studio you can still make a weekly practice plan and also get into the habit of doing it now. You can use my weekly planner, which you can download for free here

Watch Yourself

Now is the time to focus on your own dancing as you might now be with your dancepartner. Watch recent dance videos of yourself and make a list of questions for your teacher and also a list of things that you would like to improve in your own dancing.

Hope you find these tips helpful and please share with your friends so we can all stay active and motivated in this time. If you have any questions or need help to stay motivated please contact me and I am always happy to help!

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