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We are excited to introduce our new venture, Mind Body & Dance, a new platform created and run by dancers and experts in their field, Kristina Pfeffer and Richard Lifshitz, combining sportpsychology, fitness and nutrition.

We aim to provide all the necessary information, tools and guidance dancers will need to succeed at the highest competitive level. Through detailed explanations, helpful video workshops and Q&A's you will be able to dive deep into understanding all aspects of sport psychology, fitness and nutrition related to dance. Discovering how your mind and body really work and learning to use these two powerful tools in perfect unison will enable you to bring your dancing to a new level.

We feel that a deeper understanding of body and mind is what has been missing in the dance industry and we are excited to bring this to dancers everywhere.

More information on how to sign up and take part coming soon

Please follow us on @mindbodyanddance

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